6 kW Solar Carport in St. Louis City

“After more than 3 years working to find a company to step up to the complete job of building a solar pergola/carport with electric car charger, after false starts with other companies, EFS was the one that was able to undertake and follow through with every aspect, even with the added complications of working in an historic district. Not only am I highly satisfied that the results matched what was envisioned, and completely within budget, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the many positive comments and compliments from neighbors.”

6 kW installed in Affton, MO

“We’ve had our solar system now about 3 years and are about a year away from our “break even” point. Very pleased with our system and the amount of money we are saving each month. Our bills have been cut in half and sometimes more. EFS was our choice over two other solar companies. Their team from day 1 was thorough, honest and up front. Being from the quality/manufacturing world I can say that EFS is top notch.”

4.5 kW in St. Louis City

“…[They handled] all of the contracting, licensing and permits…and the installation was tidy, timely and professional. I have been very satisfied with the production from the system, which included a recent 3 months running during which my total Ameren bill was $0.00.”

8 kW in St. Louis, MO

“We have had a negative electric bill for the past couple of months. Now that the heat has reached normal St Louis temps, I assume our bill will break 0, but will still be half the price it was. Paul, the owner, is a dependable guy who is passionate about solar and is happy to take the time to explain all the details of your installation.”