Our goals is to save you money through energy efficiency improvements so we understand the importance of having the right people on the job. By using our network of green building professionals, EFS Energy can assemble the right team for your energy saving needs and make your project cash flow positive from day one.

In addition, Set the PACE St. Louis and other organizations take advantage of the PACE Financing program by providing 100% upfront, fixed rate, long-term financing to property owners looking to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades for their building(s). Terms can be up to 20 years and are connected to the property itself rather than the owner. The benefits of this program include lower operating costs for the owner(s), improved asset value due to new equipment, better indoor air quality and comfort for tenants of the building(s), and cash flow positive from day one!


Find out the most cost effective way to save money on your energy bills with a home energy audit. Our BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified professional energy auditor will prepare a custom report to show you how to save money and improve the comfort of your home. With a full home performance analysis and Blower Door Test, the most cost effective solutions will be identified and delivered in a comprehensive report that includes professionally recommended improvements for you to implement in your home starting today.

The state of Missouri also has a personal tax deduction for home energy audits and energy efficiency improvements. Any taxpayer who paid a certified individual to complete a home energy audit or other efficiency improvements may deduct a maximum of $1,000 per year per individual and $2,000 for joint filing. A home energy audit must be performed before the implementation of any energy efficiency upgrades to be eligible for this tax deduction. Just another way to maximize your overall savings!

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One of our employees doing an energy efficiency audit on a local St Louis home