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Engineering and Installation

We specialize in solar panel systems for homes, businesses, and other custom applications. The design team at EFS consults with developers, builders, architects, and property owners to build a custom solution that specifically fits your needs, budget, and energy savings goals.

Not only that, your just-for-you system will be installed by our professional installation crew, ensuring solar energy that will continue providing you with an ROI for years past the upfront investment. EFS’ solar systems, customized to fit your needs and desires, are built to withstand the elements and come with a 25-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry.

EFS Energy strives to be the leading solar installation and design firm in the Midwest by providing solar energy to environmentally friendly and economically smart businesses and homeowners.

Get Money Back With Solar Power

We recognize that switching to solar energy can be more than just an environmental choice for some people, it’s also an economic one. For instance, if you have a commercial business and you plan on being around for another 5 years or more, then solar power is a viable investment opportunity for you. Solar panels on the rooftop of your business reduce overhead by slashing your energy bill. Through energy savings and current incentives, a solar panel system can pay for itself in as little as three years depending on where you live.

Whether you’re a business owner or looking into residential solutions to save money, our team has made a significant effort to bring cost-effective and economical solar solutions to our clientbase. We even have multiple financing options.

EFS believes in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, which is why we are able to help property owners and investors take advantage of the booming solar industry. As dedicated solar specialists, we are able to consolidate and leverage our resources to build you a custom system that will have a positive impact on the environment while also putting money and power back into your own hands.

We Serve You – NOT the Solar Dealers

We do not collect kick-backs or other incentives from solar manufacturers. We sit down with you, get to know you, and design a solar solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our only incentive is to help you achieve a customized and energy efficient solution for your home or business.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We bring a local-focus to the solar industry, backed by many years of combined knowledge and experience. EFS prides itself on acting as a community-minded grassroots organization – for the community from the community.

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