Commercial Solar Power

Installing a solar photovoltaic system for your business is a smart long-term investment that will provide decades of clean, renewable electricity, as well as a solid financial return. A commercial solar panel system will substantially reduce your monthly electric bill for the next 25+ years and it will decrease your tax burden for the next 6 years. Take control of your energy costs and hedge against rising electricity rates by installing a reliable solar system in your business. Additionally, you will improve your corporate image, show your dedication to clean energy, reduce local air and water pollution and establish your business as a progressive leader and supporter of energy-independence. What are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about our solar power installation process.

Set the PACE St. Louis and other organizations take advantage of the PACE Financing program by providing 100% upfront, fixed rate, long-term financing to property owners looking to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades for their building(s). Terms can be up to 20 years and are connected to the property itself rather than the owner. The benefits of this program include lower operating costs for the owner(s), improved asset value due to new equipment, better indoor air quality and comfort for tenants of the building(s), and cash flow positive from day one!

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