Smart online monitoring to make the most of your solar energy use! EFS Energy can provide you with performance updates and continual peace of mind by upgrading your system to include our online monitoring software.

You can get detailed information on energy production and your system’s overall health with our online dashboard all in one easy-to-understand layout that is also accessible on any device. The online dashboard makes reviewing your monthly energy production a breeze and lets you know if you are getting maximum production out of your system in a quick glance.

Additionally, if you live in Illinois and are applying for the Renewable Energy Credit program from the IPA, then online monitoring is essential and will help you recoup your investment immensely. EFS Energy’s online monitoring allows users to quickly and easily print out detailed reports on actual energy production of your solar panels. This is the same information Illinois residents need to get their credits back from the state.

Accountability & Integrity

At EFS Energy, this service is a benefit to you, the client, as much as an accountability measure for ourselves. If we install a solar PV system for your home or commercial property, we want you to be able to see the advantages of switching to solar every single day and know that your new system is delivering on the level that EFS originally estimated.

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Your Online Dashboard

From the beginning of the life of your solar PV system, you should be paying attention to its maximum potential so that you are better able to determine if there is ever a problem. You can do this by overseeing this online interface that is simple and easy-to-navigate. Your online dashboard will show you a variety of things, including:

Check on functionality

You can always check to see if your solar panels are functioning properly after the installation and throughout the lifespan of your system.

Real-time production value

You can track the technical as well as financial performance of each individual module or the system as a whole.

Historical and aggregated data

You can generate comprehensive reports on production over the past day, week, month, year, and even lifetime.

Automatic fault detection

You can customize your settings and receive alerts when your system detects a problem.

More about Fault Detection + Email Notifications

Fault detection is built into the online portion of the inverter’s software. You can customize your settings to send an email when production is below a certain threshold or when there is a problem with the inverter(s). While it self-diagnoses, we are also checking those fault notices for all our clients. This means that our personnel can be on alert and ready to make a service call to your location in a moment’s notice.

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EFS Energy strives to not only design and build solar arrays for valued clients, but we work to help you continually find value in the systems that we install long after installation. With online monitoring and fault detection, we help environmentally-conscious and economically-wise businesses and homeowners in the Midwest connect with their solar!

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