Solar panel diagnosis, repair, and maintenance all under one roof! At EFS Energy, we want you to be happy with your solar PV system, whether or not we installed it. Sometimes, other companies make fundamental mistakes, don’t stand by their own work, or are no longer in business when you are in need of assistance. When you need repairs done now, contact EFS Energy; a company with experience and integrity.

We can help diagnose problems through a FREE over-the-phone consultation. If we need a closer look, we will come to your residence for thorough inspections to identify the problem. After giving you a comprehensive report on what the next steps should be, we are happy to repair or replace malfunctioning parts, pieces, and panels to get you back up and running again quickly.

Do Not Try to Repair Your System Yourself

If your system is not producing the amount of solar energy that it should be and you suspect that there might be an issue, for your own safety please consult with us first. There is a high risk of electrical shock as well as other potential dangers, so leave it to the professionals!

EFS Energy is dedicated to providing all-around solar energy assistance from initial installation to the ongoing maintenance of systems around the St. Louis area.

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Solar Panel System Diagnostic

Some issues that could trigger a repair/maintenance call are harsh weather conditions, rodent damage, electrical components failing, and improper installation. When you suspect your system is somehow in decline, it could possibly be handled through direction from one of our highly trained professionals over the phone with a FREE consultation. We may also ask for administrative access to your online system so that we can remotely take a look and come back to you with a report on what needs to be done. In many instances, our direction can be enough to get everything back online. However, if we cannot discern the issue then we may need come to your location for a better look.

Solar Panel Repair Experts with Integrity

If you have a broken panel, contact us immediately as it can negatively affect how the rest of your solar system operates. For instance, if you have a string inverter and one is malfunctioning, this could significantly affect production potential of the entire array.

Part of the analysis we complete for you will figure out what is in the best interest of you, the client. If the broken components are under warranty, we’ll take the time to get replacements straight from the manufacturer. If it is out of warranty, we can quote you a fair price for new components.

We take great pride in acting on our customer’s’ behalf. In many cases, we can diagnose and repair your system in a matter of hours and with limited access to your home. This means that you can get your energy production back to its peak performance in no time.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Once your system is fully functioning online, now all you need to do is keep up with its maintenance. Ask us about our ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) agreements for your commercial or residential application. Just two checkups a year will always ensure that your system is running in ideal conditions.

Our integrity lies in our quality of work and great customer satisfaction. Let us show you the difference by contacting us today!

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