Custom Solar Options

There are many solar power opportunities that require a fully customized solutions. From homes with flat or non-traditional roof designs, to solar panels that are fully integrated into the overall design of the building, EFS Energy can put together a design for any possible scenario you may have.  We specialize in finding custom solar solutions for all of your solar power and energy efficiency needs, and we can do so at any budgetary level. Our expert solar panel installers utilize the latest solar technology, and allow you to track your energy usage in real time.

Free Solar Assessment

Pitched Roofs

During the custom solar installation process, our experts safely will install on virtually any rooftop while maintaining the integrity of the roof.  Every design is precisely modeled using our estimating software to give you highly accurate estimates. By using the most advanced technologies and techniques, production is maximized even on partially shaded roofs.

Ground Mounted

Ground mounted solar systems are engineered to last and can be optimally positioned to capture the maximum amount of the Sun’s energy.  These custom arrays are used when roof space is limited or otherwise undesirable as a mounting surface.

Pole Mounted

Pole mounts are typically used for off-grid lighting or other small equipment.  These panels are paired with charge controllers and batteries to provide power to remote locations when running new lines is not an option.

Canopies & Integrated

Canopy and Integrated solar systems are unique in the sense that each application adds a functional component to the architectural design. These designs can be used for a variety of custom solar applications such as covered patios and parking structures. These custom solar designs can be used in both residential and commercial projects.

Off-Grid Solutions & Battery Backup

Our experienced engineers and technicians specialize in off-grid solutions for your battery backup needs. Whether you want to supply power to your entire home or a smaller off-grid workshop or barn, several cutting-edge technologies are available at a very competitive price and we will customize your design to meet your needs accordingly.

Mobile Solar Solutions

EFS Energy strives to keep St. Louis powered by the sun in home, in business, and on the go. We offer mobile solar solutions to fit your needs with our mobile solar applications which include our Solar Van, Solar Trailer, and our educational Solar Shed that all supply the energy you need to power your event or exhibit. Mobile power stations are customizable to meet the needs of off-grid lighting, PA systems, security cameras, etc.

  • Concerts
  • Press Conferences
  • Street Fairs
  • Outdoor yoga/fitness sessions
  • You Think of it…