Solar powered accessories have come made huge advancements over the past several years and as long as the sun shines, these fun new solar powered gadgets won’t run out of energy. These handy accessories will keep you powered up while you’re at home, camping, or enjoying the great outdoors on hiking, hunting or fishing trips.

Below is a rundown of several EFS Energy staff picks, for sun-powered devices that are both useful and entertaining!

MPOWERD Inflatable Solar Lantern 

Available online at REI, this ultra portable solar lantern harnesses the power of the sun to keep your outdoor entertaining areas lit for hours. Currently priced at $17.95, it’s an affordable, camping trip friendly lantern that makes for a great birthday or holiday gift idea too!

Portable Solar Power Bank, for iPhone, iPad, Android

EFS Energy recently gave one of these away to a lucky Facebook follower, in a Solar Prize Pack Giveaway in celebration of the Great American Solar Eclipse. This solar charger has great reviews and the design features an LED light compass, water resistant case, and lightweight design. This portable bank is awesome for travel, keeping you powered up any place the sun shines.

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EFS Energy Prize Pack, celebrating the Great American Solar Eclipse!


Mini Portable Solar Powered Oven 

When camping, you aren’t always allowed to have open campfires. You can still enjoy a warm campsite meal with this awesome portable solar oven from Sunflair. This oven is really fun, because instead of using solar panels, this portable oven uses a special material that traps the heat of the sun, creating a hot oven to cook food in. Find this fun camp accessory online here, which comes in fun colors like green, red, and more.

Solar Powered Portable Speakers

Set the mood at your next camping trip with Eton’s solar powered speakers. These speakers come with built-in solar panels and chargeable batteries, so you can chill, dance, or even host campside karaoke featuring your favorite songs.

Looking for more solar powered accessories? Some of our favorite places to search for sun-powered devices are REI and Amazon. We also like to share any newly released solar accessories on our Facebook page! EFS Energy keeps our Facebook followers up-to-date with the latest in solar news, technology, cool solar gadgets and toys, and company updates.

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