Solar Powered Gifts for the Holidays!

There are hundreds of solar powered gifts and gadgets available that would make your green pals happy this holiday season. To make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, EFS Energy thought we'd put together a list of some truly unique and thoughtful gift-giving ideas, to celebrate the holidays in eco-friendly fashion! Help share [...]

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Top Solar Energy Trends

The world is anything but static and there are always new developments in the energy industry. Staying in the know will help you make smarter decisions regarding how you spend both money and energy. A lot has changed over the course of the past year, so let’s take a look at some of the emerging [...]

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How To Maintain Your Solar Panels

We're frequently asked how to maintain solar panels after they are installed. However, once you have your energy-saving solar array installed, it's easy to keep your solar panels well maintained and working efficiently. Here we're sharing our pro tips to ensure your panel's optimal performance year round. Visually Inspect Your System Occasionally, you can inspect [...]

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The Best Solar Powered Accessories

Solar powered accessories have come made huge advancements over the past several years and as long as the sun shines, these fun new solar powered gadgets won't run out of energy. These handy accessories will keep you powered up while you're at home, camping, or enjoying the great outdoors on hiking, hunting or fishing trips. [...]

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What to Pack for Your Total Solar Eclipse Day-Trip

With temperatures cooling of just a bit in the St. Louis-area, there's no better time for a day-trip to the scenic countrysides of Missouri or Illinois. Adventure-seekers are in luck this month, because on Monday, August 21, 2017, MO and IL are listed as prime viewing states for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse! Totality is [...]

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Where to Watch August’s Total Solar Eclipse in St. Louis, Missouri

On August 21, 2017 the Midwest will witness the first total solar eclipse in the continental United States in 38 years, and luckily for us, Missouri is one of the best states for viewing! The 2017 total solar eclipse will stretch diagonally from South Carolina to the Oregon coast, passing directly through Missouri. The line [...]

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A Shift in Conservatism for Renewable Energy

Traditionally, conservatives carried the stereotype of being adamantly against solar energy. But is seems that this notion is fading away. That said, whether they are in favor of solar for the right reasons is yet to be determined. One reason some conservative groups are singing a different tune about solar technologies is due to economic benefits, focusing on the security of energy markets so that they adhere to capitalist ideologies and remain free from the tyranny of monopolistic endeavors. […]

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6 Things to Think about before You Invest in Solar Panels

Whether you just want to live a green lifestyle or you want to save a ton of money on energy expenditures, there has never been a greater time to invest in solar panels. But most would-be investors in solar technologies don’t know what they don’t know, and it can be challenging to find where to start. Before making an investment in solar energy, there are several things you need to think about. […]

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Solar Power is More Profitable for Farmers than Some Crops

Oh, how times are always changing. I think most people would agree that the core of the United States workforce has traditionally been farmers, who have supported the nation with domestic crops for centuries. Unfortunately, the life of a farmer is steeped in hard work, and we’re not just talking about physical labor. Farmers regularly have to deal with the markets and the ever-changing prices of crops. Natural disasters, droughts, and other circumstances can crush their profits in the blink of an eye. But believe it or not, for some farmers, it is more profitable for them to use their land to farm solar energy as opposed to crops under certain conditions. […]

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Turning a Blind Eye Towards Climate Change

Politics typically aren’t something that people favor talking about. However, this election cycle has turned the political system upside down, and Donald Trump has clenched the position to be the Republican Nominee. No matter who you support, it can’t be denied that people are focused on a variety of issues. From gun control to foreign policy, there is a lot to consider before making the decision to support one candidate over another. Unfortunately, in all of the hype and chaos of the elections, the government isn’t focusing on climate change. Quite the opposite in fact, and there seems to be an aversion to discussing the issue. In the past, advocates of clean energy to combat climate change were laughed at. Just consider Al Gore. Most people seem to think that there are larger and more immediate problems to deal with, such as the healthcare system or terrorists.  However, this is something that can not be ignored and it won’t just go away.  Entire cities are at risk of being completely destroyed from the increasing intensity of storms, and rising sea levels. […]

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