It’s been bitterly cold in the Midwest this winter and we’ve been asked a few times what to do to best maintain solar panels during winter storms, snow fall, and generally bleak days around St. Louis. The good news is that you don’t need to bundle up to take care of your solar panels this winter. Instead, you can stay indoors and take comfort in the fact that your solar energy system will be performing just fine without any required winter solar panel maintenance.

winter solar panel maintenance

Here we’re sharing a few solar panel maintenance and performance tips that specifically address some common cold-weather questions and concerns about solar panels and roof-mounted solar systems.

When it Snows

Snowfall is common (and, unpredictable!) in Missouri and Illinois. If snow does accumulate on your building, you can usually ignore it. Because solar panels are smooth, snow won’t stick to them like it would on rougher surfaces, like roof shingles.

Also, your solar energy system will be installed to capture the maximum amount of sunlight possible. This means that snow will melt and slide away quickly without any needed shoveling or snow removal necessary.

Major Snow Events

When it snows big time around St. Louis and you think there is considerable weight from snow accumulation building up on your solar panels, we highly recommend you consider hiring a snow removal professional. Climbing onto rooftops can be dangerous in good conditions and if there are blizzard conditions in the Midwest, you’ll need to be extra careful when outdoors. In the event of a major snow fall event, EFS Energy is committed to sending out updates and maintenance advice through our solar e-newsletter as well as our Facebook page. All you have to do is “like” our page to stay updated on the latest in solar industry news and important alerts related to winter solar panel maintenance and care throughout the year. Click here to follow us on Facebook!

Solar Power Performance in Winter

Your solar panels work with light, not heat. This means it doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside, your solar panels will still be working to produce energy year-round, no matter how cold it gets! It is important to keep in mind that days are shorter in winter, so your system will be producing less energy as you would during longer summer days.

So, aside from a massive snow fall event, you can take it easy on winter solar panel maintenance. We always like to highlight that this is one of the awesome benefits of going solar. It’s easy to maintain and care for your solar panels, year-round. We take pride in designing the most advanced solar power solutions for families and businesses in Missouri, Illinois and beyond. Our team of dedicated experts works hard to make sure your customized system is easy to manage in all phases of design, installation, and completion.

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